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NGSS Resources

The Rhode Island Board of Education unanimously approved the adoption of the NGSS in May, 2013.  Rhode Island was one of 26 lead state to work with Achieve to develop the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  To learn more about Achieve and the standards, go to www.nextgenscience.org/

RIDE’s NGSS Page  Find easy access to the NGSS standards, information on RI’s participation as a Lead State , the Framework, and other resources


NGSS Resources from Achieve at www.nextgenscience.org/resources

Find EQuIP rubric, course pathways, and many other useful publications

Gr STEM Teaching Tools www.stemteachingtools.org

      Research based handouts in pdf format.  On a variety of topics based on NGSS and STEM education

     NGSS Storylines www.nextgenstorylines.org

        Tools that have been developed by NGSS experts to support teachers in developing, adapting, and teaching with the NGSS in mind.


NGSS One Pagers

NSTA offers a tremendous collection of resources designed to help provide more information for the NGSS.

Three Dimensions of NGSS (Color | B&W)

This three page pdf document provides general information of each of the three dimensions of the NGSS specifically the science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas, and the crosscutting concepts.

A Look at the Next Generation Science Standards (Color | B&W

This two page pdf document provides a detailed look at the architecture of the NGSS standards.

Venn Diagram of the Practices in Science, Math, and ELA  (Color | B&W)

This pdf shows how the practices of the NGSS, CCSS-Math, and CCSS ELA intersect and support each other.

Matrix of Disciplinary Core Ideas in the NGSS

Here you will find a complete matrix of the disciplinary core ideas of the NGSS by domain

NGSS Explanation for parents/families

Great link to explain why these standards are important

NSTA Position Statement that outlines the reasons why NGSS is important to the improvement of science education.

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